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The Morning Show: Monday thru Friday

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Hello and thanks for taking a look at our site. Other than what you hear every morning here on Your Country 99, I'll take a little time to let you know about me. I'm a born and bred Missouri boy. Grew up in Northwest Mo around the Maryville area. In my early teens had the dream of being "that guy on the radio" but like a lot of dreams, that got put on hold.

After high school I went to work for my parents in their Miller Beer distributorship, doing everything from the ground up for 20 years. The parents sold the business and I decided to follow my dream of being a radio personality and went to broadcasting school.

As a graduate of Broadcast Center in St. Louis, my first radio job was in Lebanon, Mo. From there I have worked for one of the big country stations in Kansas City and in Colorado. I have found that a market like Bolivar is the type and size of station I enjoy being a part of. Besides coming back to the Ozarks feels like coming home.

I have a daughter and 2 boys that are awesome kids that make me proud of the adults they have become. They are all still in the NW Mo. area and it's nice to be closer to them and the rest of my family. In my spare time my hobby's are mostly related to the outdoors. I love all types of hunting but the favorite hands down is Turkey and Elk. Then also, in the summer going fishing is a great pass time and looking forward to enjoying the lakes in the area. Don't be surprised to see me digging in the ground too! I have been prospecting for gold for quite a while. Have done this in the California gold rush area between Sacramento and Reno, Nevada and also in the western part of Arizona near Quartzite, AZ.

Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming! As the new program director / morning show personality I'm excited to be a part of Your Country 99 and getting involved in the area communities. Again thanks for letting me be a part of your day and hope I cause a smile to cross your face brightening your day! Join me 6am to 10am Monday through Friday here at Your Country 99.

Penny Mitchell (10AM-2 PM)

I was born in Colorado Springs, grew up in Canon City and am insanely proud to be a Colorado native. I met my husband in college at the campus radio station. Our first date was a media banquet; we got engaged three months later. I was working in Colorado Springs at the time; my Dad came VERY close to putting a station bumper sticker on the back of his tux as he walked me down the aisle, but he knew my Mom would have murdered him. We decided to not have kids and instead are putting our veterinarian's children through school. ;-) I am a voracious reader (I actually kind of hate television). I love to hike, I've climbed four of Colorado's 14,000 foot mountains. I love to travel. I love ALL kinds of music. I still think radio is absolutely magical. You flip a switch, you're suddenly no longer alone. It's amazing.

Tug Cowart (7 PM-12 AM)

I grew up in Northwest Georgia in the City of Dalton. It's the Carpet Capital of the World. If you’re walking on carpet, it was probably made there. After high school I joined the US Navy where I spent four years as an Operations Specialist aboard the USS South Carolina CGN-37 and USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 in Norfolk, VA. and Jacksonville, FL. I have been married for 14 years and I have an 11 year old son named Jakob. Most days you can find me near a ball field, as Jakob is obsessed with sports. He plays year round baseball, also playing football and basketball in season. I love being a dad; it is the most important thing is my life. If we're not watching Jakob play ball, we're probably watching a game or in the front yard throwing a ball around ourselves. I love country music, I was raised on it but I enjoy everything from Pop to Hip Hop, Rock to Contemporary Christian.

Tad Svendsen (5-6 AM)

I’ve been hooked on radio since I got my first portable set when I was nine years old. I started playing country music on the radio when I was 16, and have been heard on some of the best stations in the nation. I’m a certified gadget fan, but I find I spend too much time charging batteries for my toys. I enjoy looking after the family farms, but don't enjoy paying the bills. I also enjoy reading and learning, but discovered there's a lot more to learn. I’m single, clean my own house, do my own laundry, and live with my roommate of 17 years, my dog Grady.

Jessie Addy (2 PM-7 PM)

I was born in Dallas, TX where my dad was following his radio dream and my mom was a Registered Nurse, but I mostly grew up in Michigan. I was the kid in school that wanted to be everyone's friend, so I was in the band (Tuba), hung out with the theatre kids and played basketball, baseball and football. My younger brother shared my passion for music, which made for a noisy house growing up. I graduated from Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a degree in Geography and planned on being a teacher. I really enjoy any chance to be outside fishing, golfing or skiing....which I have zero talent for any of them. My inside time is spent trying to learn more about wine, trying to learn Spanish and trying to perfect the 3 Chicken dishes I can cook. I'm so grateful to be able to listen and talk about music for a living and maybe I'll see you at a show sometime!

Coach Chuck Blair

St. Louis




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